Diving Equipment

Mask Selection And Preparation

Diving is an excellent adventure! Nevertheless, it is also a visual adventure. If you cannot see plainly, you are missing the very best part of scuba diving. Find a diving mask that fits and prepare it correctly for scuba diving and you will be a life long participant.

The most crucial consideration when searching for a diving mask is fit. If the scuba diving mask does not fit it won’t matter how trendy it looks or that it has the most recent incorporated innovation. The bottom line is if the scuba diving mask doesn’t fit properly you will be clearing the diving mask continually throughout your dive and miss all the amazing attractions.

Let me tell you a quick story to show my point. My other half Sheila and I went to Fiji in 2014 on a scuba diving and relaxation adventure. My other half had actually never been scuba diving in the ocean, however, had actually heard the stories from other scuba divers and myself about how great ocean diving is. As we anxiously waited to get in the water for our very first dive I might see Sheila was delighted about the new exotic world she will check out.

As we came down though a school of numerous barracuda towards a coral wall teaming with fish and color a wide smile slid across my face. I knew that if Sheila was seeing exactly what I was seeing she would be hooked on diving and my life long companion would also be my life long scuba diving companion. As I examined to Sheila totally meaning to see the exact same smile that I had actually plastered across my face, I saw here scuba diving mask was half loaded with water and she was needing to clear the scuba diving mask frequently. Not just was the scuba diving mask requiring regular clearing, when she wasn’t clearing the diving mask, the lens seemed unclear.

We completed the scuba dive and everyone on the boat was very busy talking about how excellent Fiji scuba diving is. I asked Sheila what she thought? She said she had not been that pleased with ocean scuba diving. I told her that I didn’t doubt that her experience had not been excellent due to the fact that each time I took a look at her she was either clearing her scuba diving mask or the lens were all fogged up. I was surprised she could see anything.

I convinced Sheila to attempt again and we where able to find a scuba diving mask that fit her and we also prepared the lens so that they would not mist up. Our 2nd dive was as incredible as the very first and this time Sheila might see exactly what everyone was so ecstatic about. Sheila and I went on to have a great week of diving and Sheila is very busy now speaking about our next journey the ocean.

The ethical of this story is to make sure you pick a diving mask that fits and is properly prepared for scuba diving. Sheila chose her scuba diving mask based on fashion and color. Like many brand-new scuba divers Sheila didn’t understand how vital mask fit is to the satisfaction of the dive.

The best answer is to begin by getting in touch with an expert scuba diver that has experience in fitting people with the right scuba diving masks. Through experience and product knowledge, I have actually developed the ability to look at a scuba divers face and suggest a scuba diving mask with the right fit. If air is leaking in between the scuba diving mask skirt and your face possibilities are you don’t have a good fit.

The most common factor is that individuals don’t prepare the scuba diving mask for scuba diving after purchase. A lot of scuba diving masks come from the factory with a silicone spray finish the lens. I extremely encourage any brand-new scuba diving mask owner to clean there mask with this type of product prior to making use of the scuba diving mask for the very first time.

A second factor scuba diving masks fog is that individuals do not make use of defog option prior to scuba diving. The defog solution is different than the scuba diving mask cleaner. The defog solution must be applied to the diving mask prior to each scuba dive.

Another factor worth noting is fogging occurs when scuba divers exhale continuously through there nose. Most people do not even understand that this happening. If you have cleaned you diving mask and have used a defog option prior to scuba diving and you are still getting fogging, ask you pal to watch you to see if you are breathing out through your nose.

Make your next dive more enjoyable! Select the ideal mask, clean it and prepare it effectively. Delighted Diving!